Extra Credit Assignment

Physics 203, Prof. Daniel A. Martens Yaverbaum

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the CUNY



        For extra credit, respond to the following directions in a paper of approximately 3 double-spaced typewritten pages
                        (2 page minimum, no maximum).


    I. In any periodical published in the last five (5) years, find one story or report about a forensic-related event-- such as a crime or accident--for which:


The forensic analysis made use of some law, theory, concept, equation, method or conclusion of classical PHYSICS.


    II. In your own words, describe the event.  You must explicitly define any specialized terms or phrases that are new to you or possibly outside the realm of common language.

    III. Describe the relevant physics concept. 

            A. First,  you must break down the concept into common, unspecialized language: You must make the concept comprehensible to people who have not studied physics.

            B. After describing the principle in general terms, provide an original example of the concept--an example other than the event under discussion.

            C. Provide an equation or other symbolic (mathematical) expression which captures the concept.

    IV. Describe how the physics concept was applied to the forensic analysis of the event.   Again, you must explicitly define any specialized terms or phrases.

    V. Include a visual representation (image, diagram, graph, chart, etc.) that you make.  You are encouraged to make the image on a computer, but you may not simply copy one.

    VI. Include at least one (1) proper citation for the article you chose and one (1) separate proper citation for anything you researched about the physics concept.


        *** The physics concept involved does not need to be one that we have studied thus far, but I would encourage you to search in that direction first.  It will make your life easier. 

        *** May the net force be with you.